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If you are interested in early American Pewter; British export pewter exported to the American Colonies and Federal America; or even an eclectic interest in early American decorative arts, consider joining the PCCA. Throughout it's 75 years of existence, the PCCA has assembled and continues to provide the foremost scholarship on early American Pewter. Plus a close comrade of membership through meetings and premier museum tours to share, compare and learn accumulated experience and knowledge.

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Note: PCCA, as a organization, can not take general questions on pewter, identification, attribution or value.  Those questions are better suited to knowledgeable individual members, or at meetings. Please limit email to the membership email link to questions on prospective PCCA membership or questions from current members on your membership or dues.

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That the Bibliography of American Pewter, see link on the navigation bar, is the most comprehensive list of books and references on Early American Pewter available. 

Please note:  Attendance to both national and regional meetings of the PCCA is typically limited to members in good standing and their guests. However, interested prospective members are welcome to attend a meeting with prior arrangements. Contact our meeting chairperson.  email meeting Chair here.   Before one can become a member of a regional group, one must first join the national organization.  A new member in the national organization receives one free year of membership in a regional group.  Dues in the regional groups varies but is only a nominal amount of a few dollars.  Contact our Membership Chair for membership information.