An Introduction to Pewter Forms and Designs 

Some pewter forms can be further distinguished by types or names given to various, specific designs. Below common porringer handles , oil lamp fonts  and teapots are illustrated.

American Porringer Handle Designs

Shown below are the six American porringer handle designs most commonly found, as illustrated in Ebert's, Collecting American Pewter .



Old English


Hearts & Crescent

Solid or Tab PA Type

Solid or Tab RI Type

Oil Lamp Burners and Font Designs

There are three basic types of oil lamp burners: Whale oil, illustrated below left; Camphene, illustrated below center; and the less commonly found Lard-oil, illustrated below right.  Of note are the "snuffers" found attached to the Camphene lamps. Frequently referred to as snuffers, the caps were actually used to prevent evaporation of the camphene fluid when not in use and  additionally used as snuffers

Common Lamp Font Designs

Lamp burners and fonts illustrated are as shown in Ebert's Collecting American Pewter .

American Teapot & Coffee Pot Forms
18th century teapots , 19th century teapots , coffee pots
 Eighteenth Century Teapot Forms
(All have wooden handles)

Globular or Egg-shaped
Queen Anne

Francis & Frederick Bassett

Fred. Bassett, the Wills, Bradford,
T. Danforth II, Love, Wm. Kirby
Queen Anne w/feet

Wm. Will, Bradford, Alberti

Wm. Will, Parks Boyd, Love

Nineteenth Century Forms
(Most have metal handles but see below)

Queen Anne revival
Q. A. revival w/extended foot

Wm.Calder, Sam.Danforth, Boardmans, Sam. Pierce

Geo. Richardson, J. B. Woodbury
Oval or Boat-shaped w/feet

Tim. Brigden, Wm Calder

Israel Trask, W. Potter, Geo.Coldwell
(Made with both wood & metal handles)

Tall Q. A. revival
Inverted Mold
(Top and bottom halves cast in same Mold)

Sam. Pierce, Boardmans, Sam Kilbourn

Many makers, many variations
Reed & Barton type

Roswell Gleason & others
(Made with both wood & metal handles)

(Made with both wood & metal handles)

American Coffee Pot Forms

Federal Form
Tall Coffee Pot

Wm. Will & other Phil. Makers
(The only 18th century coffee pot form & have wooden handles)


Many makers, many variations
(Have metal handles)


Israel Trask, Wm. Calder, others
(Made with both wood & metal handles)
(Shortened versions of this form were used as teapots)


Teapot and Coffeepot line drawings illustrated are as shown in Jacob's Guide to American Pewter.